4Paws Pet Insurance Review

In this 4Paws pet insurance review, we look at what the company has to offer pet owners like us. We’ll see what types of cover 4Paws* offer, as well as what levels of cover they have available. Then we’ll take a look at some of the vet fee limits and explain how their different policies work. Finally, we’ll see how 4Paws existing customers and industry bodies rate them. Let’s begin with a little … [Read more...]

Looking at the Best Innovative Finance ISAs

Innovative Finance ISAs – or IFISAs as they are also known – are getting a lot of attention in the UK right now. This is likely due to the higher interest rates on offer compared to other ISA types. While all Innovative Finance ISAs are connected with peer-to-peer lending in some way, it’s important to realise that different providers lend to different types of borrower. Some lend your … [Read more...]

Nutmeg Review

In this Nutmeg review we take a close look at the UK digital wealth manager, to help you decide if they are the right robo-advisor for you. We look at who Nutmeg are, the products they offer, how they work and importantly how much they charge. At the end of the review we’ll also mention some other UK robo-advisors to see how Nutmeg measure up! Who are Nutmeg? Nutmeg are a UK investment firm … [Read more...]

6 Things Self Employed People Shouldn’t Forget Today!

For Self Employed people, January 31st is a very important date in the calendar. As we live such busy lives, though, it can be easy to forget some important things at times. With this in mind, here are 6 VERY important things you shouldn’t forget to do today if you are self employed. Submit Your Tax Return First on the list if you haven’t done so already is to submit your tax return to … [Read more...]

Shawbrook Bank Savings Review

In this Shawbrook Bank savings account review, we take a closer look at this specialist UK savings provider to help you decide if they are the right choice for you. Getting a decent return on your savings has been a huge challenge for over a decade now. This is why many savers are heading away from traditional high street savings providers and looking at alternatives instead. Shawbrook Bank* is … [Read more...]

Moneyfarm Review

In this Moneyfarm review you’ll find answers to many important questions you may have about the company. We’ll look at Moneyfarm’s fees, products, minimum investment amount and also examine the past performance of their funds. Finally we’ll look at some UK alternatives to Moneyfarm, to see how they measure up. Who Are Moneyfarm? Moneyfarm are a digital wealth manager who … [Read more...]

10 Ways Bloggers Make Money

It wasn’t all that long ago when bloggers were perceived as geeky people who had nothing to do with their weekend but write down their thoughts. Then something crazy happened. Bloggers started making money, lots of money! Not only are bloggers making a lot of money these days, but some are even celebrities in their own right. All of this has meant that more and more people are wondering if they … [Read more...]

UK Robo-advisors Who Offer a Junior ISA

While most UK robo-advisors now offer an adult Stocks and Shares ISA as a tax-efficient alternative to their General Investment accounts, many still do not offer a Junior ISA product. In fact, if we look at 4 of the most recognisable robo-advisors in the UK in Nutmeg, Moneyfarm, Scalable Capital and Wealthsimple, only one of them offer a Junior ISA product, but which one is it? Which UK … [Read more...]