My First Business Venture (At the Ripe Age of 8…)

My first business venture started when I was just 8 years old. And you know what? I actually made a profit with it! While the dollars seem small today, the experience was invaluable. And since then I have started many different ventures and made money with nearly all of them! How It All Started I flipped the page of the magazine – from paddle ball toys to Chinese finger traps to a set of … [Read more...]

The Simple Act That Started My Personal Finance Addiction

I think it’s safe to say that I have a personal finance addiction. I think about our financial goals while I’m at my day job, while I’m out on a run, and even while I’m rocking our little kiddo to sleep. It’s a little sick how often I think about money…but I just can’t help it! It’s this massive mysterious game with HUGE benefits if you can figure … [Read more...]

My Audacious Visitor Goals From June – How Did I Do?

I set some pretty lofty visitor goals for myself in 2020. At the end of June, I discovered that my monthly visitor numbers were on a downward spiral. They were once at 30,000 per month, and in June they were down to a paltry 16,000. I knew something had to change if this website was going to survive. It was time for a dramatic shift and new audacious visitor goals. Due to this figurative moment of … [Read more...]

The Absolute Easiest Way to Make a Million Dollars

I think almost everyone asks this question in their lives – “What’s the absolute easiest way to make a million dollars?” It makes sense. I mean…we all want to be millionaires…and who really wants to toil and grind all their lives vs. just being handed a million dollars? Easier is better! So what’s the answer? What’s the easiest way to make a million … [Read more...]

Where to Invest Your Money in 2021

The stock market was down nearly 40% in early 2020. I bought as much as I could at the bottom, but now we’re already back to the top again. With all the uncertainty, the stock market just doesn’t seem like the best place to invest anymore. So, as we head into a new year, I’ve got the same question that the rest of you probably have…Where to invest your money in 2021! The … [Read more...]

What is the Interest on 2 Million Dollars?

If you’ve ever done any projections to imagine how much money you’d need to retire, you’ve probably thrown around large-sounding figures in the millions. Let’s pick a number and figure out the interest you’d earn on it per month. Something like, “What is the interest on 2 million dollars?” I remember while growing up, I always imagined $1 million as that unattainable, “you’ve made it” … [Read more...]

Frugal Living: Why We Stayed Frugal Even After Getting Out of Debt!

Frugal living is a way of life we’ve enjoyed for a long time. I mean, really enjoyed. [This post was written by a guest writer, Lindsey Ralston. Check out her bio at the end of the post!] We’ve been debt-free and mortgage-free since we were 25. The only debt we’ve ever had were my student loans and a small mortgage we took out on our first house. I paid most of my student loans off before we … [Read more...]

Top 8 Real Estate Investments for 2021 – Post-Pandemic Opportunities in Real Estate

Filtering through the best real estate investments can be difficult enough as it is. At best, assessing the real estate market is a game of educated guesses, which has worked out great so far. But what happens to the real estate dynamics when a pandemic strikes? For most people, the uncertainty of the real estate market has been exacerbated in a post-Covid world. Our traditional modeling … [Read more...]

The FIRE Movement is Stronger Than Ever! (Here’s Why…)

*Beep beep beep beep!*…. Your alarm. Again. Time for another workday. You’ve been at this working thing for a while, and to be honest…you’re over it. But this is just life, right? People grow up, work for decades to survive, and then they die. That’s just how it is. NOPE! NOT TRUE. Enter the FIRE movement! The FIRE Movement – What Is It? The FIRE movement has … [Read more...]

Day 5 Blogiversary Winner – “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind”

Today was Day 5 of our blogiversary celebration, and we’re giving away the book, “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind”!! If you haven’t heard of this giveaway yet, it’s our way of celebrating 10 years of blogging! Crazy, right? We think so too, so we’re giving away a bunch of prizes. If you haven’t entered, head to our original post and share it to be entered. … [Read more...]

The Best Rewards Credit Cards in 2021

In the finance world, credit card usage can get somewhat mixed reviews. Some people, like Dave Ramsey, insist that you should never use a credit card for any reason whatsoever. Others, like myself, enjoy the cash-back rewards from credit card purchases I would be making anyway. If you’re someone who likes earning rewards from your credit card, here are my recommendations of the best rewards credit … [Read more...]

I Died Yesterday… A Message to My Family

“I died yesterday” — No, this isn’t a mysterious message from the crypt and this post won’t make it onto Ripley’s Believe It or Not. I’m still very much alive and I hopefully have 60 years of solid living ahead of me. But, this is something that I believe each and every one of us should play out in our minds. What if you died yesterday? What does today … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Seasoned Blogger

My name is Derek, I’m 35, and I’m an addict… The addiction isn’t one that’s normally confessed or maybe even thought of. And not everyone is in the position to even have it. I started this personal finance blog in August, 2010. It’s basically 10 years old. In those first couple years, I was hustling! I was: building my network leaving comments on every relevant … [Read more...]

The Stock Market is High Again – Now What?

In February 2020, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was at 29,568 – its all time-high. Then, just a over a month later, the rise of the pandemic caused the stock market to tumble…all the way down to 18,213. It was a drop of over 38%, which is simply unheard of…especially within that short period of time. My message after the drop was buy, buy, buy!!!! I’m glad I did (and I … [Read more...]

Another Stimulus Payment Coming?

Many of us have received our first round of stimulus checks – approximately $1,200 per person (with an additional $500 per child)! However, was it really enough for all of us to weather this recent economic storm? Likely not, which is why it’s leading to additional conversations on Capital Hill. Naturally, this leads to the inquiry, “Is there another stimulus coming?” What … [Read more...]

10 Flexible Side Hustles That Can Fit With Any Schedule

Side hustles can be a great way to make extra money outside of a job, but sometimes hectic schedules complicate things. While there are plenty of side hustle opportunities, there are times when it seems like none of them will realistically fit into your daily or weekly schedule. And that’s where flexible side hustles come in handy! 10 Flexible Side Hustles That Can Fit With Any Schedule This … [Read more...]

Expect the Unexpected: 3 Reasons to Start an Emergency Fund

It won’t happen to me… That’s what you might tell yourself anyway. And because of that mentality, you might spend the majority of your earnings each month, and make little effort to put money aside into an emergency fund. It might seem worthless, but there are actually 3 very important reasons to start an emergency fund. 3 Reasons to Start an Emergency Fund Life, as you will know … [Read more...]

July and August 2018 Blog Income Reports

Believe it or not, I started this blog back in 2010, which means I’ve kept this thing going for over 8 years now! Sheesh! That’s crazy! You might think that by now I’ve covered everything that can possibly be written about in the area of personal finance, but as I continue to learn and grow – both in my exploration of finance and my journey through life (marriage, divorce, … [Read more...]

Flipping My First House – 8 Weeks…and Continuing

My friend Joshua has decided to try his hand at flipping houses. He wanted to write about his house flip, and I wanted to learn from it, so I invited him to publish his experiences here. If you haven’t yet read the first two posts, I have provided the links below so you can catch up!Post 1: Flipping My First HousePost 2: Flipping My First House – 5 Weeks InThe Past 3 Weeks…Even … [Read more...]

Still Growing in Popularity – Goals Update #17

Whew! It seems like every week is crazier than the last, and this past week has certainly been no different. I traveled to New York on a business trip a week and a half ago, and since then my article, “9 Things the Rich Do That the Poor Do Not” was picked up by Business Insider, and then because of it’s popularity was set up as a featured article on their site! All in all, that … [Read more...]

21 Things I Always Get From the Dollar Tree

Over the course of my adulthood, I have slowly discovered the amazingness of the dollar store. An item that typically costs $4 or $5 at another retail establishment might only cost $1 at the dollar store. After a few of these purchases, the savings could really add up! So why not just put a list together of the things we should be purchasing from the dollar store?Before I dive into my list of 21 … [Read more...]

9 Things You Should Be Embarrassed to Finance

Our grandparents’ generation never financed anything. In fact, it was considered stupid. If, in 1950, you told your neighbor that you got a super low interest rate on your brand new car, they would have looked at you like you were on fire. Cash was the method of choice for almost every purchase – even houses! Don’t believe me? According to a study performed at the University of … [Read more...]

The DIY House Renovation is Complete! Check Out the Photos!

google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3879908623510580"; /* 300x250, created 11/10/10 */ google_ad_slot = "7037050704"; google_ad_width = 300; google_ad_height = 250;So believe it or not, but the DIY house renovation is complete! I’m actually not sure I believe it yet! The renovation started in August 2011, and now it is finally complete almost a year and a half later. After all of these renovations … [Read more...]