4 Free Ways To Stay Active

Staying active is very important to me and I’m constantly finding new ways to exercise in fun ways, but also free. I work from home, and sometimes staying active can get away from you.Staying active when you are so busy in all other areas in your life is very important. It helps keep you refreshed and motivated.Incorporating different activities in my life is very important because it mixes … [Read more...]

How To Not Be A Broke College Student

Being in college doesn’t have to be so difficult to save money. You don’t have to be broke either.Use being a student to your advantage while you can because it can save you a decent amount of money.You can always keep your student ID card and use it after, even if you aren’t currently a student, it will still work!1. Invest in a ISIC card. I just bought one today for $25 and … [Read more...]

How Medical Tourism Saved Me Thousands as a Recent Grad

The way I see it, for recent grads, Obamacare was a blessing and a curse. When it passed in 2010, I was a few months out of college, 22 years old, freelance writing and under-employed. I was buying my own health insurance for (what I thought at the time) was an astronomical fee of $120 per month from BCBS North Carolina. I had vision and dental coverage, and regardless of the care I got, my … [Read more...]

Kaiku Visa Prepaid Card Review

If you are looking for a prepaid card, I found the BEST one for you. I recently had the opportunity to review the Kaiku Visa prepaid card and it did not disappoint.I used the Kaiku Visa prepaid card for a little less than two months so I know I am giving an honest review today. I had no problem whatsoever with the card and it was accepted everywhere I went because of the universal Visa … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Office

My last job was a complete bore. The work was hard and stressful, but still boring at the same time. It showed too. I never spent a second longer in my office than I had to and I was always practically running away from the office.This meant that my office was ugly. Since I didn’t care, I didn’t spend any time on making it look nicer.However, everything is completely different now. … [Read more...]

3 Reasons To Have a Business Credit Card

If you have a business, then you might want to look into getting a credit card for it.As I always say, only do this if you are actually good at managing credit cards though. Getting a credit card for any reason is not worth it if it just leads to credit card debt.A business credit card has so many positives, and I only recently realized this. I should have done this years ago as it has helped me … [Read more...]

Are Post-Secondary Degrees Really Necessary Anymore?

With so many alternatives for career advancement available these days, there’s a hot debate over whether post secondary degrees are even necessary for success any more. Certainly there are fields, like science, medicine and engineering, where an advanced degree is a requirement, but what about those who aren’t interested in pursuing careers in those fields?Aside from the cost of a … [Read more...]

4 Tips For Raising Prices

Occasionally, there comes a time when you may start thinking about raising the prices for the products or services that your business sells.You may be thinking about raising your prices for many different reasons. It can be a hard decision, but sometimes it just needs to be done if you want your business to continue to make a profit.Below are my four tips for raising prices for the products or … [Read more...]