Differentiation Strategy: What It Is, Why It’s Critical, and How To Get It Right

No business starts out with the goal of blending in. Yet, standing out from the competition is one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs and marketers continue to face. Wanting to be different from your competition is one thing, but how do you achieve it? The answer, in many cases, can be found in creating an effective differentiation strategy. This article will explore what a differentiation … [Read more...]

Differentiation Strategy (and the Sea of Sameness)

Legendary Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter defines competition in business as the struggle to attain a profitable, unique position in the market. Instead of “competing to be the best,” you should “compete to be unique.” Differentiation is about standing out from the noise and giving people a reason to choose you over others. You’d think companies would be all about that. Curiously, … [Read more...]

Priming your Audience with Targeted Ads with Mercer

Are you sending the right ad to the right person at the right time? In this video, Mercer talks about the funnel BEFORE the funnel. He uses his “Behavioral Funnel” technique to build custom audiences for Facebook and LinkedIn along with Google Analytics events to prime customers at the stages before becoming a lead. If you aren’t using Google Tag Manager, now is the time to … [Read more...]

How hard is content distribution? Interview with Sujan Patel

“Content distribution is probably the hardest part of content marketing…” In this episode of The Pe:p Show, I interview Sujan Patel, growth marketer and Co-founder of Mailshake & Ramp Ventures on his approach to content distribution. We discuss email outreach, social media blasts, and the importance of building a relationship with other to make better content. [This post … [Read more...]

What’s the deal with LinkedIn Ads? Interview with AJ Wilcox

I’m doing a new series of video interviews. If you like this one and want more, subscribe to my channel. In this video, I sit down with AJ Wilcox, founder of B2Linked Agency and expert on all things LinkedIn Advertising. You can check out his LinkedIn Ads course on CXL institute [This post contains video, click to play] Subscribe to our YouTube Channel The post What’s the deal with … [Read more...]

How to Recognize Great Conversion Optimization People

While mediocre people are dime a dozen, good people are always in demand. But good optimizers are in very high demand, everyone and their mother is trying to hire one. Alas they can be hard to find.  If you’re looking to hire one, what should you look for? What makes an optimizer a great optimizer? There are many universal traits that make anyone a “good hire” – like being … [Read more...]

Stopping A/B Tests: How Many Conversions Do I Need?

A/B testing is great, and very easy to do these days. Tools are getting better and better. As a result, people rely more and more on the tools. As a result, critical thinking is much less common. It’s not fair to just blame the tools of course. It’s very human to try to (over)simplify everything. Now the internet is flooded with A/B testing posts and case studies full of bullshit data, … [Read more...]

5 Insights from Every Speaker of ConversionXL Live 2015

I’ve been to a lot of conferences. A lot. Most of them are mediocre. I made it my personal goal to deliver an amazing conference. I took inspiration from the good things I’ve seen at other conferences, made sure I avoided the bad things – and so ConversionXL Live 2015 was born. We had 245 attendees from 23 countries. The crowd was very diverse, very high level (~75% of attendees … [Read more...]

How to Come Up with More Winning Tests Using Data

While testing is a critical part of conversion optimization to make sure we actually made things better and by how much, it’s also the tip of the iceberg of the full CRO picture. Testing tools are affordable (even free), and increasingly easier to use – so pretty much any idiot can set up and run A/B tests. This is not where the difficulty lies. The hard part is testing the right … [Read more...]