4 Tags to Help You Send Better Emails

On a regular old Tuesday afternoon, two emails show up in Drew’s inbox, both from a software developer, and both to deliver an update on a popular graphic design tool. The first email, sent to an entire email list, starts off: The second email, sent only to a portion of the same email list, goes like this: After reading both emails, which one do you think Drew’s most likely to click through and … [Read more...]

A New Free Resource and an Empathetic Approach to Copy

Coming out of the intensity of our annual Certification launch, the Copyblogger team this week has been all about refocusing... Continue Reading The post A New Free Resource and an Empathetic Approach to Copy appeared first on Copyblogger. Article by Copyblogger. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Haters or Helpers? How to Handle Online Criticism

“Your blog sucks!” “No offense, but… (insert deliberately offensive comment here)” “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” “I can’t believe I wasted my time on this rubbish article.” Have you ever received any feedback like this? If so, how did you take it? via framepool.com If you’ve already built your own following … [Read more...]

Potential Income Sources – Becoming A Paid Expert Part 3

Profit From Your Expertise In this final post of our three part “Becoming A Paid Expert” series, I list the most common and practical ways to make money from your expertise – as I see it. In part one we focused on free learning resources to becoming a paid expert and part two we looked […] The post Potential Income Sources – Becoming A Paid Expert Part 3 appeared first on … [Read more...]

5 Blogging Lessons You Can Learn from a Small Country Town

The post 5 Blogging Lessons You Can Learn from a Small Country Town appeared first on ProBlogger. Looking for the fast lane to blogging success? Want to join the upper echelons of blogging stardom at the top end of town, and be dazzled by the bright lights of the big city? If you’re exhausted from chasing all the shiny things and trying to keep up with the Kardashians, I’d like you to consider … [Read more...]

GDPR: Email Marketing Compliance Update and FAQs

As you are no doubt aware, the EU’s GDPR regulations come into force May 25th. These are a big deal, and affect every online web site, regardless of whether the site or the business it serves is in Europe. A great way to think about GDPR is that it’s “Y2K for Privacy” – it’s a big deal potentially affecting everyone, but if we all do the work required, … [Read more...]

Practical Success Advice for Creative Professionals

There’s a bizarre myth in our culture that we have to choose between making a living and being creative. That... Continue Reading The post Practical Success Advice for Creative Professionals appeared first on Copyblogger. Article by Copyblogger. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

10 Best Free Graphic Design Tools For Your Blog

Just how attractive is your blog? Or, do you have an ugly blog? via culinate.com Let’s take a break from the minutiae of blog writing, and move on to the visual aspect: images, photos, and design. Whether they’re royalty-free, purchased, or your own, the photos and images that you choose to use have a significant impact on your blog’s overall interest factor. As for design, you may think that it … [Read more...]

Year End Blog Post Ideas – Slideshare

Time flies and the new year will be on us faster than a cape-wearing man flying in tights. Now is the time to be preparing for your end of the year posts and this list article is here to help inspire your creative side. Below are ten simple end of the year blog post ideas for […] The post Year End Blog Post Ideas – Slideshare appeared first on Hot Blog Tips. ; ; ; ; ; ; ; CommentsI'm … [Read more...]

262: How Carolyn Started a Directory to Attract Readers to Her Blog

The post 262: How Carolyn Started a Directory to Attract Readers to Her Blog appeared first on ProBlogger. How One Blogger Created a Directory that Attracts Readers We continue our Blogging Breakthroughs series with Carolyn Edlund, whose Artsy Shark blog focuses on the business of art. Carolyn shares the story of how she created a directory to attract readers to her blog instead of having to chase … [Read more...]

Tips for Promoting Holiday Marketing with Email

Every year the holiday season seems to start earlier and earlier with more and more competition. The holidays provide a great opportunity to connect with customers both new and old, but how do you get them through the door (or into their inbox)? If you’re looking to promote holiday sales and events, a great answer is email marketing. With early planning and some great promotion tools, you can be … [Read more...]

10 Meaningful Ways to Pursue the Success You Deserve as a Writer

We’re always all about sending love (and useful advice) to our community of writers, but this week we were particularly... Continue Reading The post 10 Meaningful Ways to Pursue the Success You Deserve as a Writer appeared first on Copyblogger. Article by Copyblogger. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Got a Boring Niche? Spice it up!

If you think your niche or industry is boring, don’t fret. Not all industries are expected to be exciting, and consequently, their respective audiences don’t expect to find upbeat content written about their niches. I mean, it wouldn’t often sound appropriate to write about a toilet plunger supplier as if they were always hosting a rave, right? via bobvila.com Truth be told, … [Read more...]

The Pomodoro Technique May Not Work For Everyone – All Of The Time

Anyone serious about productivity has at least heard of the Pomodoro Technique. But does it work for everyone? Will the Pomodoro method help you become more productive? Let’s take an honest look at the pros and cons of using the Pomodoro Technique for productivity. Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate and/or partner links, which means […] The post The Pomodoro Technique May Not … [Read more...]

Using Templates and Checklists to Make Your Blogging Life Easier

The post Using Templates and Checklists to Make Your Blogging Life Easier appeared first on ProBlogger. Tell me if any of these scenarios sound familiar: You sit down in front of a blank page to write a new blog post. You make a start, but you’re not sure where to go next. You often find yourself completely rewriting your draft posts because they just don’t seem to work. After publishing a post, … [Read more...]

Email Marketing 101, Part 1

Why Email When you think about building your site for the first time, you’re probably also thinking about your Facebook presence. After all, that’s where the people are, right? OK, that makes sense at a superficial level. But there are two problems with emphasizing platforms like Facebook instead of your own site and your own list: Facebook owns Facebook. Building your online presence on someone … [Read more...]

Email Marketing 101, Part 2

When to Start Email Marketing In the previous Email Marketing 101 post, I talked about why email marketing is vital. Today I’ll talk about when - when to start your email marketing efforts. Good news! It’s a one word answer: Now. No, I’m serious. Don’t delay because “I’m not big enough” or “I don’t have enough traffic.” You simply don’t know when and which subscriber will be the one … [Read more...]

Email Marketing 101, Part 3

How to Start with Email Marketing Honestly: Don’t over think it. Sending blog updates by email is not only great, but also very much good enough – you’re saving your blog’s subscribers the time and effort to remember to go back to your site. Your content is already great, and now people have invited you to send it to them whenever you write. That’s what they want; so go ahead. Give it to them. … [Read more...]

Email Marketing 101, Part 4

How to be Successful with Email Marketing 101 The previous three articles in the “Email Marketing 101″ series dealt with three core concepts: Why you should be email marketing; When to start email marketing; and How to start email marketing. But email marketing isn’t an end point, or a static goal. It’s an ongoing process. While automation can and does yield significant … [Read more...]

SmartForms: The Email Subscription Form Wises Up

Today I’m delighted to announce the introduction of FeedBlitz “SmartForms” – responsive, adaptive, flexible subscription forms available now, for free, with every active FeedBlitz publisher account. To view the video online, go to https://animoto.com/play/Pvhh0ATjCknt0EUyD700yw What’s Wrong with Email Subscription Forms Today There are several problems with almost … [Read more...]

We’ve Added @Animoto to our Video in Email Support

FeedBlitz today enabled support for @Animoto video embedding in emails we send for our publishers; an example using yesterday’s SmartForms announcement video is included here. What this means is that if you embed an Animoto video in a post, FeedBlitz will automatically convert that to a video thumbnail and mail that out instead (videos typically don’t work well in emails, here’s … [Read more...]

Faster Ad Revenue Reporting

Publishers making the most of their content by monetizing with FeedBlitz’s unique RSS and email ad service can find out how they’re doing more quickly. Ad earnings are now being calculated hourly, with about an hour’s delay, instead of overnight. In other words, checking your ad earnings at 2pm will give you an idea of your earnings through about 1pm today, and the numbers are … [Read more...]

Monetize Your Mailings: Introducing the Marquee Ad Unit

FeedBlitz is enabling a new, higher earning ad-unit, called a “Marquee” for publishers opted in to our ad network. The marquee unit in testing has significantly boosted earnings, in some cases nearly doubled them. As such, we’re really excited about this new ad format, and have enabled marquees for all publishers currently earning with our email ad network. Marquees go live for … [Read more...]

Turn Facebook Fans Into Email Subscribers

When Facebook rolled out their Call-to-Action button, business owners everywhere scrambled to figure out how best to to use this new marketing option.  If you aren’t using Facebook’s Call-to-Action button to encourage page fans to subscribe to your site’s mailing list, you’re missing out on an opportunity to exponentially grow your list — and protect yourself in case a future … [Read more...]