Differentiation Strategy: What It Is, Why It’s Critical, and How To Get It Right

No business starts out with the goal of blending in. Yet, standing out from the competition is one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs and marketers continue to face. Wanting to be different from your competition is one thing, but how do you achieve it? The answer, in many cases, can be found in creating an effective differentiation strategy. This article will explore what a differentiation … [Read more...]

Differentiation Strategy (and the Sea of Sameness)

Legendary Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter defines competition in business as the struggle to attain a profitable, unique position in the market. Instead of “competing to be the best,” you should “compete to be unique.” Differentiation is about standing out from the noise and giving people a reason to choose you over others. You’d think companies would be all about that. Curiously, … [Read more...]

Totango Hosts Interactive Lunch for Customer Success Thought Leaders in NYC

Customer Success for the Enterprise, held on September 18th in NYC was an exciting chance for Customer Success leaders from around the world to exchange their innovative ideas in this ever-changing space.   Four topics stood out from the discussion: enabling customer centricity, turning insights into action, driving results that last, and deciding to buy a CS solution over building one in-house. … [Read more...]

Customer Success for the Enterprise Luncheon Creates an Interactive CS Experience in The Bay Area

The Customer Success for the Enterprise, luncheon held on Nov. 6th, in Palo Alto was an invitation-only event hosted by Totango, the leader in Customer Success (CS) software for the enterprise. The event brought together executives from leading enterprises in the Bay Area including SAP, Symantec, Oracle, FireEye, Juniper Networks, PayPal, and Akamai Technologies, enabling them to convene over … [Read more...]

Highlights from TSW ‘18 in Las Vegas

We had a great time at the Technology and Services World (TSW) in Las Vegas networking, sharing ideas, and learning about the latest trends in technology services. It was a valuable and insightful event and the turnout at our booth from prospects and customers plus the successful session with our CEO Guy Nirpaz and Dilip Kumar, COO of Dimension Data, as they presented how Dimension Data has … [Read more...]

SEO in 2018 – 15 Most Important Google Ranking Factors

While the fundamental aspects of SEO remain the same, Google makes changes in its algorithm several times a year, aiming toward a smarter and cleaner search experience. The result is – 200 factors determining search ranking! Fortunately, you don’t need all of them. With 2018 in full swing, here are the 15 most important Google Article by Convert.com Blog. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Thinking Outside the “Box”: How to Optimize Buyer Retention with Improved Packaging

Buyer retention has always been an overlooked part of marketing. And it’s probably where your business is missing out. Anyone that’s done any kind of marketing can tell you that most strategies are focused on getting new customers. Find a customer that has a problem, put your solution in front of them, and let them Article by Convert.com Blog. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Chatbots vs. Live Chat: The Questions You Should Ask

There’s a reason why people say “the first impression is the last impression.” Some 51% of customers never approach a business again after one bad experience. That puts pressure on every interaction—and every missed opportunity—with potential customers, recent purchasers, and long-time users. Web chat is often the first impression for customer service interactions. While chat services initially … [Read more...]

B2B Marketing Attribution: Models, Tools, and Processes

Talk to any B2B marketer about attribution and they’ll either roll their eyes or rant about how it’s important but hard to get right—long lead cycles, multiple contacts from a single organization, etc. Some might stare blankly and ask what you mean. As a group, we’ve gotten a firmer grasp on top-of-the-funnel metrics. We can prove that social media and SEO drive traffic and … [Read more...]

Marketing Automation Secrets: 7 Ways Experts Use Convert with Zapier to Get More Out of Their Tests

Introduction The technology stack of any marketer in 2018 is more complex than it’s ever been. There are more vendors out there than you can count, and you’ll often find yourself using a variety of different tools for different situations. This is great in many ways — we’ve never had more choice — but on the other hand, connecting Article by Convert.com Blog. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Sam Harris, Ph.D. — How to Master Your Mind (#342)

Photo by Christopher Michel “The goal of meditation is to uncover a form of wellbeing that is inherent to the nature of our minds.” — Sam Harris Sam Harris (@SamHarrisOrg) received a degree in philosophy from Stanford University and a Ph.D in neuroscience from UCLA. Sam is the host of the Waking Up podcast, and he is the author of multiple books including The End of Faith, Letter to a … [Read more...]

Product Bundling Strategy: How to Get It Right

It’s the early 1980s. You’re in charge of a fledgling ESPN, and you have two choices: Add more college basketball—you’re highest-rated programming—to the schedule. Stick with the skiing and billiards you’ve aired for years (because you couldn’t afford anything else). Which creates the more profitable programming bundle? ESPN stuck with the esoteric sports. And because of that choice, the ESPN … [Read more...]

Seth Godin on How to Say “No,” Market Like a Professional, and Win at Life (#343)

Photo by Brian Bloom “Price is a story.” — Seth Godin Seth Godin (@thisissethsblog, seths.blog) is the author of 18 bestselling books that have been translated into more than 35 languages. He was inducted into the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame in 2013 and has founded several companies, including Yoyodyne and Squidoo. His blog (which you can find by typing “Seth” into … [Read more...]

Demand Generation: Turning Tactics into Strategy

There’s a building. In a back room, a guy peels potatoes. Out front, two people sit at a table. By the door, a person answers a phone. Does that make the building a restaurant? No? Would it become one if the guy peeled potatoes and oranges? It’s an absurd standard. It’s also the same one we apply to demand generation. You have a website. You blog. Visitors request demos. You email them. Voila! You … [Read more...]

Optimizing the Potential of Your Property Website: How to Convert Millennial Prospects into Good Deals

The Real Estate industry is quite old and, let’s face it, when it comes to online platforms, this is the hardest niche to work in. Even though there are some ‘dinosaurs’ that hold the market by the guts, we regularly see new companies like Airbnb shaking up the status quo. To be able to take Article by Convert.com Blog. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Platforms, agencies, influencer fees and more: what does influencer marketing actually cost?

There’s no question that influencer marketing is popular. Relatively new among digital marketing techniques, it is now a part of many marketers’ repertoires. For those who are new to influencer marketing, a major concern can be cost. The overall cost of running an influencer campaign  can seem murky – how much do you pay influencers? Article by Convert.com Blog. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Priming your Audience with Targeted Ads with Mercer

Are you sending the right ad to the right person at the right time? In this video, Mercer talks about the funnel BEFORE the funnel. He uses his “Behavioral Funnel” technique to build custom audiences for Facebook and LinkedIn along with Google Analytics events to prime customers at the stages before becoming a lead. If you aren’t using Google Tag Manager, now is the time to … [Read more...]

How “False Expertise” Can Damage Your Business—and How to Protect It

When I last checked, there were 987,119 “thought leaders” on LinkedIn. Soon, there’ll be more than a million. How many of those do you trust? “False expertise” is misidentified competence: We perceive expertise where there is none or evaluate expertise based on irrelevant factors. False experts include legions of self-appointed “gurus” and “visionaries” who saturate social media with bad advice. … [Read more...]

Nick Kokonas — How to Apply World-Class Creativity to Business, Art, and Life (#341)

“I just look at some things and go, ‘Why is that? Why does it work that way?’ Oftentimes, the people most entrenched in a system have no idea why.” — Nick Kokonas Nick Kokonas (IG: @nkokonas, TW: @NickKokonas) is the co-owner and co-founder of The Alinea Group of restaurants, which includes Alinea, Next, The Aviary, Roister, and The Aviary NYC. He is also the founder and … [Read more...]

RankBrain: How Can You Hack Google’s RankBrain to Your Advantage

In early 2015, Google launched RankBrain, the machine learning AI system which provides context to searches, helping Google to process search queries and produce more relevant results for users. Simply put, when the user conducts a search, RankBrain analyzes its past experiences with similar queries by measuring how people interacted with the results and understanding Article by Convert.com Blog. … [Read more...]

10 Recent Neuromarketing Research Studies (and Their Real-World Takeaways)

Neuromarketing assesses how our brain reacts to stimuli, not simply what we self-report in qualitative surveys. These are truths that our impulses write onto MRIs. Sometimes, as several studies below illustrate, those two systems—the conscious and subconscious—offer conflicting interpretations. Importantly, scientific knowledge is almost always built incrementally. Don’t expect a single paper to … [Read more...]

Navigation optimization: stop selling yourself short! Interview with Brian Massey

Stop selling yourself short, optimize your navigation menu the right way! Brian Massey, the Conversion Scientist, has been experimenting with optimizing the main navigation of websites and has found out that most people are doing it wrong. Sites that let the information architecture drive the main nav are selling themselves short. In this episode of The Pe:p Show, I ask Brian why and how menu … [Read more...]

Coach George Raveling — A Legend on Sports, Business, and The Great Game of Life (#332)

“I’ve always had this theory that, if you help enough people get what they want, you’ll always get what you want.” — George Raveling Coach George Raveling (@GeorgeRaveling) is an 80-year-old living legend and Nike’s former Director of International Basketball. Coach Raveling was the first African American head basketball coach in the PAC-8 (now PAC-12), and he is … [Read more...]

SAP CX LIVE Recap, General Availability of Spark, and Upcoming Webinars

We’ve had a very busy week full of exciting news at the Totango HQ and in Barcelona attending SAP CX Live!  First off, we are pleased to announce Totango Spark, our flagship software platform is now available. Spark guides enterprises through the successful completion of each stage in the customer journey with relevant KPIs, dashboards, analytics and best practices to achieve business goals … [Read more...]