Pros and Cons of Car Title Loans

Car title loans are a convenient way to borrow money quickly. They provide a lump sum of cash based on the value of your vehicle, and you can use it for whatever financial need you may have. Car title debt can be a great resource, but it is important to understand the pros and cons before taking this type of loan. Pros of Car Title Loans  Flexible Repayment Terms  A car title loan allows for … [Read more...]

My Experience with the OdorFree Villa 3000

If you know anything about me, you know I love to fish. I used to travel once every 2 years to Alaska to get my salmon and halibut fishing fix. With fishing though comes cleaning and cooking. And, if you are like me, you know when you are cooking fish because of the strong odor that comes from cooking fish. This has always been an issue for my wife and me because she does not like the smell of … [Read more...]

9 Best Work From Home Online Jobs in 2023

The way people work has changed fundamentally. The days of spending eight hours Monday through Friday in an office are gone. The work from home revolution is here– and it’s pretty clear why. Companies that offer work from home opportunities often experience an increase in productivity.  But more importantly, workers are happier. Online jobs are a lot more flexible than traditional in-person jobs. … [Read more...]

Carnival Of Twenty Something’s Finances: Backpacker’s Edition

I’m honored to be hosting the Carnival of Twenty Something’s Finances today.  For those of you who might be unfamiliar with a blog carnival, this is a great opportunity for you find some great new financial blogs written by people in their twenties.  On the other hand, if you are new to Man Vs. Debt I hope you will take the time to subscribe to daily updates through RSS or by e-mail.  … [Read more...]

Why the Cupra Is A Popular First Car

Source Whether it is your first step, first word, first love or first car, “firsts” are significant. Milestones in life, and your first car is no exception. The car you choose as your first vehicle baby, aka ‘your Rod’, ‘Ride’, ‘Wheels’ or ‘Whip, will be more than just a status symbol or vessel to transport you from point A to B. It is your VIP pass to independence and driving freedom. It Is … [Read more...]

How To Avoid Cyber Attacks: Keeping Your Financial Information Secure Online

With the rise of online banking, it’s important to ensure the security of your financial accounts. Online banking offers many benefits, including convenience, flexibility, and access to a wider range of financial services. However, it also exposes you to the risk of cyberattacks and other security threats. To keep your important financial accounts secure when banking online, here are some tips, … [Read more...]

How to make your office more eco-friendly

Office waste can cost a small business up to £384 a year for waste disposal according to research. Not only does this result in a larger carbon footprint, it also means larger utility bills and health risks. Reducing your company’s carbon footprint can be as easy as switching energy providers, find out more at, but beyond that here are a eco … [Read more...]

6 Things to Do if You’re Behind on Your Bills

Most of our financial advice on Man Vs. Debt comes from the point of view of people who have enough to get by – but who are tired of just getting by. Our stories are not of people overcoming abject poverty, but rather about people who make the money they already have do more for them by kicking debt to the curb and getting rid of crap. That said, what do you do when you are in a hole that … [Read more...]

7 Tips on How to Save Money from a Low Salary Job

Just about everyone understands the importance of saving money. You need to have a little bit of money set aside in case there’s an emergency or a car repair you need to make or a medical bill you weren’t expecting. You also want to save for something fun, like a vacation or a present for your special someone. Saving money is easy when you have money. But, how can you save money from a low salary … [Read more...]

How to Decide Between Monthly and Annual Auto Insurance Payments

Source: Pexels Auto insurance is a necessary evil in the process of car ownership. Most states require some level of insurance, but if you are financing your car or want the assurance of coverage in case of an accident, you need to invest in full coverage. Once you have insurance set up, you have a couple of options for paying for that coverage. Ask any driver, and they’ll likely have … [Read more...]

Saving Money While Traveling And Some Mistakes We’ve Made

This week’s topic is about saving money while traveling.  I’m super excited, to say the least.  As you may know, I love traveling, but have limited opportunity given that we have 4 little ones at home. That said, I also love saving money while traveling, so this is an ode to saving money while traveling. Things to know about our specific situation: Some of these may or may not be … [Read more...]

What Increases Your Total Loan Balance: Student Loans in 2022

Student loans are like any other type of credit. They charge interest, but these interest rates are usually lesser than personal or credit card loans. However, what sounds like cheap access to money for education is taking a toll on the nation. According to the White House, over 45 million Americans currently carry more than $1.7 trillion in federal student loans. A Department of Education … [Read more...]

Dave Ramsey Vs. Suze Orman: Should Your Financial Guru Be Changing His/Her Advice?

In 2009, Suze Orman shocked a lot of people (including probably Dave Ramsey) and drummed up a lot of press when she changed her long-running stance on aggressively paying down credit card debt. As many of you know, Suze has basically started to advise people to only pay the minimum payment on their credit cards and to instead increase their emergency fund to at least 8 months worth of expenses. 8 … [Read more...]

22 of the Best Credit Cards for 18 Year Olds in 2022

Whether you want to build credit, are seeking financial independence, or just like the convenience of paying with plastic, there are dozens of credit cards for 18-year-olds. If you’re just starting, take a look at our quick-start credit card guide for the basics. This article will show you: More than 20 of the best credit cards for 18-year-olds Tips on getting the most out of each card How to get … [Read more...]

10 Best Tips on How to Prepare For a Recession in 2023

Recession—just hearing the “R” word can trigger negative emotions. After all, a recession indicates an economic downturn, falling stock markets, unemployment, and more. As unpleasant as it may be, talking about recession is now more critical than ever. But why? The US has seen a negative gross domestic product (GDP) for two consecutive quarters in 2022. This consecutive decline in economic output … [Read more...]

Working From Home: What Can You Do (2022 edition)?

It’s 2022, and the coronavirus has changed how we live. Many people are working remotely and would like to continue doing so. Here are some things I love about working from home, but I had questions in the comments in two particular areas. The first was simple – what can you do as work-at-home work, and how do you transition your skills into that set? The other was a little more … [Read more...]

Thrift Stores: 4 Things You Need to Know

According to the Census Bureau, the thrift industry in the United States amasses a staggering revenue of about $17.5 billion annually.  What’s more? Statistics from numerous experts believe that this shopping method is currently growing. This shopping method has expanded, as stores now leverage the internet to sell their clothes. Whether patronizing a thrift store online or within the vicinity, … [Read more...]

Can I Retire At 40 With 1 Million Dollars? (Yes, But Read This First!)

If you’ve ever wondered, “Can I retire at 40 with 1 million dollars?” I’m here to spill the secret and say yes, you absolutely can. But, there are a few things you should know before jumping in. Here’s how you can retire earlier, with one million dollars, and still live well! Can you retire at 40 with a million dollars? If you’re reading this post, you’re … [Read more...]

Smart Money Habits for a More Effective Lifestyle

Most of us desire to become more prosperous and wealthy in life. Yet, not too many of us consider ourselves to be highly successful considering our money, relationships, and even spirituality.  So what’s the secret to achieving financial success? Financial success can be achieved by doing the right things. If you want to accumulate a certain level of wealth, you have to be willing to play the … [Read more...]

How does owning land “hedge” against inflation?

Considering that we’ve all watched inflation spiral upwards during the first half of 2022, you may be looking for an investment that will protect you against it. One proven strategy: find and purchase commercial land for sale.  Before we investigate how land can be an effective hedge against inflation, let’s look at some of the factors that have caused our current woes. Factors That May Cause … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Avoid Car Repair Debt and Save Money on Repairs

You love your car; it gets you to work, helps you pick up the kids from school, and is always there for a weekend joyride. But one thing that can quickly turn your love for your car into hate is having to pay for expensive repairs. photo source Car repairs can leave you in serious debt if you’re not careful. But there are ways to avoid this debt and keep your car running smoothly. Here are … [Read more...]

How To Maximize Wellness Rewards On Your Health (And Save Money!)

Prioritizing your health and wellness is essential to living a long and happy life. From organic foods and supplements to fitness equipment and therapeutic services, the cost of a healthy lifestyle can discourage consumers from making an effort. If you feel pressured to choose between your finances and your health, first, you should know that you don’t have to choose! Here’s how to … [Read more...]

How to Manage Your Money to Keep Up With Inflation

Whether you’re filling up your tank or shopping for your monthly groceries, the costs are substantially higher than they were this time last year, and we have inflation to thank for that!  Without a doubt, inflation plays a powerful role in the cost of everything in the economy, and as inflation increases, so does the price of everyday goods and services.  Inflation is at an all-time high in … [Read more...]

Jobs For 9 Year Olds To Earn Money At Home (Easy To Start!)

Most kids like making money, especially if it means they can buy what they want or save up for a special item. But, you may be wondering if there are any jobs for 9 year olds to earn money at home for kids around the ages of 9-12. And YES, there are! There are many things that younger kids can do from home to make money! Here’s what you need to know! What is the best job for a kid? The best … [Read more...]