How To Handle Your Finances When You Lack Shared Goals

Roger has his heart set on taking his children to Disney. When he was young, his family went to Disney every couple of years, and he remembers really enjoying the vacations.  He is the budgeter in the family, and he’s scrimping and saving for the trip dollar by dollar. He’s frustrated, however, because his wife, Sheila, keeps spending money that could be saved for Disney.  Just last week she … [Read more...]

Important Lessons To Learn From The Coronavirus Pandemic

I grew up watching my grandma wash used plastic baggies and tin foil so that she could use them again. She didn’t see the point of using them once and throwing them away. She lived through the Great Depression, and the lessons she learned during that time stuck with her for the rest of her life. Likewise, for our generation, there are important lessons people may learn from the coronavirus … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Actually Stick to a Budget

When you’re trying to stick to a budget, it can be hard, especially if you’re not used to having one. But, if you truly want to reach your money goals, having a budget is super important. Here’s how to actually stick to your budget, without feeling like you’re sacrificing your lifestyle. 1) Make It Realistic Let’s be honest, a bare-bones budget is not realistic … [Read more...]

70+ Budget Categories To Consider for your Budget

In order to have an effective budget, you’re going to need some basic personal budget categories to start. Determining the budget category to use isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve never made a budget before. Start your budget off right . . . here are some of the best budgeting categories to set you off on the right foot. Making Your First Budget The budgeting categories … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Make Money through Online Marketing and Save It

You can find several ways to make money online. One of the best ways to make money online is through online marketing. Below are some ways that you could make money through online marketing. Do affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing involves marketing and promoting other peoples products in order to earn a small commission on the sale of products that you manage to direct people to buy. You can … [Read more...]

What Do You Do With Your Savings?

One of the basic pieces of advice that we are often given about money is to save more. But where do you put that money? And what should you do with it? Create Goals for Your Savings While saving money just to save money does make sense in some ways, the reality is that few of us are willing to keep doing something “just because.” As a result, it makes sense to carefully consider your … [Read more...]

Is A Zero Based Budget Right For You?

One of the budgeting techniques that has gained some popularity in recent years is the zero based budget. In this budget, you make sure that every dollar is accounted for at the beginning of the month. You look at what you expect to get in terms of a paycheck, and then use every penny to pay bills, or accomplish your goals. As part of your budget, you decide what will go to debt reduction, or to … [Read more...]

Is It Time to Dip Into Your Emergency Fund?

One of the most important things you can do for your financial security is to build an emergency fund. Unfortunately, many Americans aren’t prepared with a fund that they can tap in the event of a financial emergency. The Americans that do have an emergency fund, though, might not know when to tap into it. It’s easy to feel as though any setback is an emergency. Another temptation is … [Read more...]