The Danger of Relying Exclusively on Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter can be fantastic sources of traffic and income for bloggers and affiliate marketers. I think particularly of bloggers in the fashion and beauty industries who upload videos to YouTube, loaded with affiliate links in the video descriptions, and then post links to those videos from their other social media accounts on Facebook and … [Read more...]

Social Media: The Danger of Relying Exclusively on Social Media

Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have been fantastic sources of income for influencers who use affiliate marketing to monetize their online businesses. I think particularly of folks in the fashion and beauty industries who upload videos to YouTube, loaded with affiliate links in the video descriptions, and then share links to those videos to their other social media … [Read more...]

The free internet makes us the product — we need to stop it

The bad headlines continue to stack up for Facebook this year: from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, to the New York Times report that Facebook gave Apple, Samsung, and other mobile device makers access to its users personal data without permission, to the revelation that the firm routinely gives user information and preferences to several Chinese telecommunications firms, to last week’s security … [Read more...]

The secret psychology of Facebook

The post first appeared on Buffer. Whenever I hop onto Facebook to do something specific—find a link I saved for later or see what’s happening on Buffer’s Facebook page, perhaps—something strange happens. Despite my best intentions to stay on track and accomplish my goal, I get sucked in. Suddenly I’m checking my own notifications, looking at what’s been recently posted and generally forgetting … [Read more...]

Turn Facebook Fans Into Email Subscribers

When Facebook rolled out their Call-to-Action button, business owners everywhere scrambled to figure out how best to to use this new marketing option.  If you aren’t using Facebook’s Call-to-Action button to encourage page fans to subscribe to your site’s mailing list, you’re missing out on an opportunity to exponentially grow your list — and protect yourself in case a future … [Read more...]

Online Marketing News: Facebook Graph Search, Myspace Launch Is A Dud, LinkedIn For Business

{} 2012 Social Media Report Cards This recent infographic from Pardot features the social media platform winners and losers in 2012.  You’ll find scoring based on growth, number of users, ROI as well as insight into which platforms are best for mobile, visual, or connecting. Up Close With Facebook Graph Search First off, what is Graph Search?  Facebook has amped up its search capabilities by … [Read more...]

Online Marketing News: Google Gets Explosive, Facebook Graph Gets Creepy, Tumblr Gets Sexy

{} How to Play the Content Marketing Game Content marketing software company SocialEars share 14 methods for winning the game of content marketing in this fun infographic. Follow the rules to earn more relevant eyes on your content; be careful, though, over-promotion could result in your company losing the game. While it’s certainly true that promotion is important, the infographic misses the mark … [Read more...]

Facebook Groups Faux Pas

With almost 5,000 ‘friends’ from both my business and personal life, it’s not too often that I get really upset by what anyone does or says on Facebook. My Facebook timeline is open to everyone and all opinions… and although I argue a lot about politics with some folks, it’s rare that I would ‘unfriend’ anyone just because their opinion differs from mine. … [Read more...]