What To Do With 1 Million Dollars (Invest it? Pay off your house?…)

When people think about financial freedom, having a million dollars typically pops up. But, what can 1 million offer you? Is it enough? And, how are you supposed to know what to do with 1 million dollars? Here’s what you need to know about having a million dollars, and how you can spend it. What can you buy with 1 million dollars? What can be done with 1 million dollars? Let’s start … [Read more...]

Highest Paying Remote Careers in 2021 (Top 12 Ideas!)

In order to escape the confines of cubicles, more and more people are leaning towards remote work. And, naturally, they’re looking for the highest paying remote careers. So I figured, why not do some research and put together a list of the top paying remote jobs in 2021?! I mean c’mon. More time AND more money? Yes, please! Let’s figure out how together. This is a guest post from … [Read more...]

Challenges Make You Stronger (Embrace Them!)

Living in sunshine and rainbows is great and all…but there’s one problem. You’ll never improve. You’ll never grow. While many of us don’t like struggles in life, challenges make you stronger! Don’t Pray For an Easy Life, Pray for Strength to Overcome Challenges Want to get physically stronger? What do you do? Sit on the couch, eat Fritos, watch TV, …and … [Read more...]

How to Buy Vanguard Funds – A Step-by-Step Guide

Maybe you’ve been hearing more and more about Vanguard, or maybe you want to start investing but you just don’t know where or how or what. Ultimately, you want to know how to buy vanguard funds. The following is a step-by-step guide to start investing on Vanguard’s platform, and building your wealth to retirement. This post was written by our staff writer, Lindsey Smith. How to Buy Vanguard Funds … [Read more...]

50+ Best Side Hustle Ideas for 2021 (and Beyond!)

With everything going on, we all have to try and make sure we can make ends meet. I know sometimes that’s easier said than done. However, there are so many side hustle ideas out there to help you bring in some extra cash (like the 50+ side hustle ideas below!). But, it’s up to you to find the right side hustle idea for you, and then implement it to start making some extra... Article … [Read more...]

16 Jobs That Pay $70k a Year Without a Degree

Looking for jobs that pay $70k a year without a degree? It’s a good search to make, because it’s definitely not a pipe dream. Some people go to college, pay tens of thousands of dollars, and get a job that maxes out at $40,000 a year. It just makes absolutely no sense! Why not instead, get in a career field that can earn $70k a year or more? It’s certainly a question worth … [Read more...]

10 Easy Passive Income Ideas For 2021

You don’t always have to exchange time for money. In fact, there are many easy passive income ideas that will bring in money, and all you have to do is invest a little time (or money) upfront. And, many of these ideas can bring in money for you for years to come. Below are 12 easy passive income ideas that you can try now. Easy Passive Income Ideas These easy passive income ideas utilize … [Read more...]

How Much Should I Have Saved By 25?

“How much money should I have saved by 25?” It’s a common question, but at that age, there’s a million different scenarios of where you could be in life! You could be still living at home and saving, working in your first job, working in your dream job, pursuing even higher education, or living the #vanlife. It’s hard to give prescriptive advice to a large range of … [Read more...]

How Much Should I Have In My 401k? (At Age 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60!)

A 401k is the most common way people invest in their retirement. According to a research survey from Charles Schwab, most believe they need $1.7 million to retire, and many are not investing enough to reach that goal. If your palms are sweaty when retirement savings pop into your head, you are not alone. Use the information here as a guide and self-check. If you’re not where you want to be, then … [Read more...]

How to Succeed in Life – 11 Steps to a Brand New You!

Want to know how to succeed in life? Don’t we all? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t clear-cut and the action plan is often even more hazy. Everyone seems to have opinions and advice, but let’s be real. They don’t truly have the answers either. If you want to be a success in life, you’re going to have to dig deep inside yourself. It’s not going to happen … [Read more...]

Keep Investing Simple: The Secret to Wealth

Day trading, currency trading, puts, shorts, options… All that stuff, it’s just for fools. Don’t worry about it. In fact, if you want to be wealthy, you’ve just got to keep investing simple and forget about all the complex terms you hear in the finance world! Related: 5 Reasons Index Fund Investing is a Great Strategy for Beginners My Younger Days…Of NOT Keeping … [Read more...]

What is the Law of Income? (Apply It, and Become Wealthy!)

I first heard of the phrase “The Law of Income” about five years ago. It was in one of the most inspirational books I’ve ever read – from T. Harv Eker – The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. If you’ve never heard of it and haven’t read the book, I strongly suggest you pick it up. You might just have your mind blown…in a good way! So what is the law of … [Read more...]

The BEST Form of Passive Income in 2021

Our world has changed quite a lot in just one year. The economy, the political landscape, the apparent division of a country – it’s all so different! So much so that it has even changed the best form of passive income! So what is the best investment today? What passive income stream is the most ripe for growth? Where should you put your money so that it yields healthy returns without … [Read more...]

My First Business Venture (At the Ripe Age of 8…)

My first business venture started when I was just 8 years old. And you know what? I actually made a profit with it! While the dollars seem small today, the experience was invaluable. And since then I have started many different ventures and made money with nearly all of them! How It All Started I flipped the page of the magazine – from paddle ball toys to Chinese finger traps to a set of … [Read more...]

10 Side Jobs For Single Moms

Ever heard of the phrase “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”? Well, as a single mom, I’ve learned there really is more than one way to skin a cat, figuratively speaking of course. What I mean is there are so many different ways to make money as a single mom, even in a pandemic. So if you’re looking for extra cash, here are 10 side jobs for single moms. 10 Side … [Read more...]

Where to Invest Your Money in 2021

The stock market was down nearly 40% in early 2020. I bought as much as I could at the bottom, but now we’re already back to the top again. With all the uncertainty, the stock market just doesn’t seem like the best place to invest anymore. So, as we head into a new year, I’ve got the same question that the rest of you probably have…Where to invest your money in 2021! The … [Read more...]

What is the Interest on 2 Million Dollars?

If you’ve ever done any projections to imagine how much money you’d need to retire, you’ve probably thrown around large-sounding figures in the millions. Let’s pick a number and figure out the interest you’d earn on it per month. Something like, “What is the interest on 2 million dollars?” I remember while growing up, I always imagined $1 million as that unattainable, “you’ve made it” … [Read more...]

44 Side Jobs For Moms

There is nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom. However, some stay at home moms may want to find ways to contribute financially for their families, and that’s okay too. Here are some of the best side jobs for moms, plus how much they pay! The Best Side Jobs For Moms There are so many different side jobs for moms that you can try. Here are 44 different ways to earn money while being … [Read more...]

Salary vs Hourly – Which is Best?

Okay, let’s settle this salary vs hourly debate once and for all. Which option is best, and which should you ask for when accepting a job offer? Let’s talk about it. Salary vs Hourly: Which Is Best? First, let’s go through the pros and cons of both salary and hourly work. There are pros and cons to both, so it’s important to give them a proper side by side comparison. … [Read more...]

Top 8 Real Estate Investments for 2021 – Post-Pandemic Opportunities in Real Estate

Filtering through the best real estate investments can be difficult enough as it is. At best, assessing the real estate market is a game of educated guesses, which has worked out great so far. But what happens to the real estate dynamics when a pandemic strikes? For most people, the uncertainty of the real estate market has been exacerbated in a post-Covid world. Our traditional modeling … [Read more...]

How To Get A Raise (Even During A Pandemic)

Many Americans are overworked and underpaid. And while this isn’t a fact for everyone, statistics show that median wages have fallen and are in a steady decline. With that in mind, it doesn’t have to be that way. Especially if you’re able to negotiate a better pay raise. But, how to get a raise during a pandemic? Let’s talk about it. Be Graceful First things first, always … [Read more...]

The FIRE Movement is Stronger Than Ever! (Here’s Why…)

*Beep beep beep beep!*…. Your alarm. Again. Time for another workday. You’ve been at this working thing for a while, and to be honest…you’re over it. But this is just life, right? People grow up, work for decades to survive, and then they die. That’s just how it is. NOPE! NOT TRUE. Enter the FIRE movement! The FIRE Movement – What Is It? The FIRE movement has … [Read more...]

How to Make Money Freelancing: 6 Tips to Help You Get Started

I understand that working a full-time job nowadays might not be enough to pay the bills. But you know what? Another viable option to make money is freelancing. I’d recommend becoming a freelancer to anyone who is looking for flexibility and independence that you just can’t get with a second job. Sure, the work becomes sporadic, cash flow fluctuates, and there are no benefits but … [Read more...]

How to Stop Being an Underemployed College Graduate

After graduating from college, you may feel like you’re ready to land the job of your dreams. But that is not what happens for many college graduates; instead, they become underemployed college graduates. As someone who graduated months after the Great Recession, I’ve experienced this problem myself. Although it is highly frustrating, there are ways to rise above it. In this article, … [Read more...]