Will There Be A Second Stimulus Check?

There’s a good chance that you’ve already received your stimulus check, courtesy of the federal government’s CARES Act. If you haven’t received your check yet, head to the government’s Get My Payment web page. (Some people have had problems on that form, but after the IRS made updates to the Get My Payment database, it's much more helpful.) This is a page that helps you check on the status of your … [Read more...]

Do I Have To Spend The Money On The Stimulus Debit Card?

Millions of Americans received an automatic deposit into their bank account as part of the CARES Act last month. This infusion of cash gave them the ability to pay bills, buy groceries, or simply save money.  However, some Americans were left waiting, and waiting, for their money.  Finally, just recently some began to receive checks or debit cards.  But debit cards frustrated some people who … [Read more...]

How We’re Handling A Sudden Loss Of Income

In the United States many individuals are currently out of work because the government considers their job or business non-essential, or impossible to carry out while maintaining social distancing.  My husband works for a local university and has been home working for weeks now.  I honestly didn’t look ahead enough to see how much universities would be impacted, but that became very obvious to me … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Earn (Even More) Money with Your Emails

Learn how you can turn your emails into revenue streams. Growing an audience is one of the most exciting and engaging things you can do online. Through a variety of many different outlets, including email, you’re able to offer value to like-minded people across the planet. And as a bonus, you also have the opportunity to earn revenue from your audience, as well. Whether by selling goods or … [Read more...]

7 Trendy ways to Make Money Online

#1. Turn into a Freelancer If you are a decent software engineer, architect or advertiser then you can discover a considerable measure of paid occupations. You simply should be patient and willing to take in more. You need two aptitudes to wind up a decent specialist. One is your center expertise, and the second aptitude is showcasing. I you are not a decent advertiser, at that point look for … [Read more...]

Do You Have To Quit Your Job To Be Financially Successful?

One of the themes that seems to circulate is that in order to find true financial success, you have to start your own business with the idea of eventually quitting your day job. While many of us like the idea of working from home (often in our pajamas), a home business isn’t for everyone. Indeed, there are plenty of people who are just fine working for “the man” — and … [Read more...]