What Increases Your Total Loan Balance: Student Loans in 2022

Student loans are like any other type of credit. They charge interest, but these interest rates are usually lesser than personal or credit card loans. However, what sounds like cheap access to money for education is taking a toll on the nation. According to the White House, over 45 million Americans currently carry more than $1.7 trillion in federal student loans. A Department of Education … [Read more...]

10 Best Tips on How to Prepare For a Recession in 2023

Recession—just hearing the “R” word can trigger negative emotions. After all, a recession indicates an economic downturn, falling stock markets, unemployment, and more. As unpleasant as it may be, talking about recession is now more critical than ever. But why? The US has seen a negative gross domestic product (GDP) for two consecutive quarters in 2022. This consecutive decline in economic output … [Read more...]

How To Maximize Wellness Rewards On Your Health (And Save Money!)

Prioritizing your health and wellness is essential to living a long and happy life. From organic foods and supplements to fitness equipment and therapeutic services, the cost of a healthy lifestyle can discourage consumers from making an effort. If you feel pressured to choose between your finances and your health, first, you should know that you don’t have to choose! Here’s how to … [Read more...]

Using A 401k Loan To Pay Off Credit Cards (Hint: Don’t Do It!)

If you have quite a bit of high-interest debt, you may be looking into ways to pay it off faster. But if you’re considering using a 401k loan to pay off credit cards, you should know a few things first (plus why we don’t recommend you do it!). Related: FREE Credit Card Payoff Spreadsheet (Get Out of Debt in 2022!!) Can I take a loan out of my 401k to pay off my credit card debt? … [Read more...]

9 Best Home Investments (That Pay Off BIG When You Sell!)

There’s plenty of great advice about how to add value to your home, especially if you’re looking to make some money from those home improvements. But what if you don’t plan to sell your home but want to save money? If that applies to you, there are some home improvements that could save you a lot of money over time. Here are the nine best home investments, whether you sell or not! Related: … [Read more...]

How To Save Your Money On Goods And Services (Save Hundreds!)

Most people love the idea of saving money. But these days, it can seem easier said than done. While it may be more difficult, it’s not impossible! There are many ways to save your money, especially on goods and services. Here’s what you need to know. Related: How to Make Passive Income With a Checking Account What is the best way to save your money? The only real way to save money is … [Read more...]

How To Open An Online Store (+8 E-Commerce Sites To Start!)

There are a lot of business ideas for online stores out there. And since nearly 2 billion people buy things online, an eCommerce store has a lot of potential customers. If you want to know how to open an online store, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s how to get started (and what you can sell). How much does it cost to open an online store? This will depend. With sites like Etsy … [Read more...]

How To Save Money On Business Travel (Save Thousands!)

Travel is a routine for entrepreneurs, investors, and other business and financial professionals. Whether going back and forth across the country or flying halfway around the world, the specific purpose of business travel varies. But all forms of business travel have one thing in common — they take a significant bite out of your expense budget. So how do you save money on business travel? … [Read more...]

How To Make Money With Your House (Make Hundreds Each Month!)

Do you own your home? If so, you need to know how to make money with your house. There are so many ways to use the space you already have to earn a decent side hustle income. If you’re comfortable with being a host or having other people around (or perhaps IN) your residence, here’s how to make extra cash! Related: How to Pay Off Your Mortgage in 5 Years (Robust Calculator Offer!!) Can … [Read more...]

Starting A Pressure Washing Side Hustle (It Can Make You THOUSANDS)

There are many different side hustles that can earn you hundreds or thousands a month. While many of these are online, some people are extroverted or prefer working outside. If that’s you, then a pressure washing side hustle might be for you. Of course, this side hustle takes a little more elbow grease and marketing than other side hustles, but it can pay off in a big way! Keep reading to … [Read more...]

How Good Is A 700 Credit Score? (Spoiler: Pretty Good!)

How good is a 700 credit score, and should you try to raise it? Well, you may be surprised to know that it’s actually a good score, and it can be beneficial to you in the long term! Here’s what you need to know. Is 700 a fair credit score? FICO scores range from 300 to 850, with 700 being in the “good” category. So it’s safe to say that a 700 credit score is fair. In … [Read more...]

What To Do After Paying Off Credit Cards (4 Steps To Take!)

Once you’ve paid off consumer debt — like credit cards — you may be wondering “What’s next?”. If you’re working to pay off debt, and you’re trying to figure out what to do after paying off credit cards, here’s everything you need to know! Related: FREE Credit Card Payoff Spreadsheet (Get Out of Debt in 2022!) How many credit cards is too much? … [Read more...]

What Happens To Mortgage Rates In A Recession? (READ THIS!)

Changes in our economy are already happening. Between supply chain issues, wars, labor shortages, covid, and so much more, there seems to be concern about what’s going to happen to with the economy, and therefore, with all of us that are impacted by it! Along with that, many are wondering what happens to mortgage rates in a recession. And what happens if you’re trying to get one? … [Read more...]

Where Should I Be Financially At 23? (Hint: Not As Far As You Think!)

As a young adult, it can be hard to gauge where you are financially and if you’re on the right track. If you’ve asked “Where should I be financially at 23?”, or any financial question in your early 20s, you aren’t alone. Based on our experience and research, here’s our take! How much money should the average 23-year-old have? You may be surprised to know that … [Read more...]

What is a Stock Alternative? (And What Are The Top Stock Alternatives?)

If you’re currently saying, “I don’t want to invest in the stock market right now” and it makes you uncomfortable, you may want to look into a stock alternative. There are many ways of investing outside of the stock market. And you know what? They may even be less risky, and they might earn more money! Want to know more? If you’re asking questions like… … [Read more...]

Why Use A Real Estate Broker? (4 Benefits That’ll Make You More Money!)

When you sell your home yourself this is known as “for sale by owner”, and it may seem like a great way to save money on your sale. Acting as your own seller’s agent will save you from having to pay the typical broker fees. So why use a real estate broker? I can actually think of quite a few reasons! First, remember that you’ll almost always be better off off using a real ... Article by … [Read more...]

Do You Need a Degree to Be an Entrepreneur? (No! …But Maybe Yes…)

Do you dream of starting your own business? Of doing something you absolutely LOVE? Perhaps you want to set your own hours, be your own boss, take vacations whenever you want. Heck, maybe you want to travel the world while working! Or, maybe you’d like to earn millions of dollars instead of just trying not to get fired from your day job for that measly salary!. But then there are the big … [Read more...]

Personal Finance Trends For 2022 (You Need To Know These!)

Money has changed a lot in the past century. From bartering with beads and shells to melting down gold coins and pieces of paper to using a plastic card, so much has changed. Investing, saving, and spending all look much different than they did before. But what does this mean for 2022 and beyond? Here are some of the top personal finance trends for 2022. How do you understand personal finance? … [Read more...]

4 Life Assurance Policy Benefits To Know About (#4 Will Shock You!)

When planning your life and financial future, it’s normal to think about what would happen if you died. If you are the breadwinner of the family, or you have unique financial needs, then planning for what will happen to your assets after your death is important. One way that people plan for this is to purchase a life assurance policy. While you might think that these policies only cover the costs … [Read more...]

How To Invest 200k (…And Become A Millionaire FAST!)

$200,000 is quite a bit of money. If you’ve got a windfall or have seen a huge boost in income like this, then you may be ready to start investing. But what’s the best way to invest such a large amount of cash? Here’s how to invest 200k…and likely become a millionaire in the process! How To Invest 200k In Real Estate $200,000 in certain markets can buy you a whole house, … [Read more...]

Will Paying Off My Credit Card Improve My Credit Score?

If you’ve ever googled “Will paying off my credit card improve my credit score?”, there’s no need to keep searching for the answers. We have a full breakdown of how paying off your credit card can improve your score, why your score may drop at first, and more. Let’s talk about it! Does paying off my credit card improve my credit score? Getting right to the meat and … [Read more...]

How To Become A Millionaire By 40 (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to be a millionaire at a young age? Or how to become a millionaire by 40, 50, or really any age before the average retirement of 65? If you’re looking to retire early, live off of a million dollars, and don’t make a super-high salary, here’s what you need to know. Is it hard to be a millionaire by 40? It’s not “hard” … [Read more...]

Is Getting A Second Degree Right For You? (Do THIS First…)

If your current job isn’t satisfying, you may be wondering what to do. Do you try to find a new position within the same niche? Or, should you be focusing on getting a second degree and starting over in a new field? Both options can improve your overall job satisfaction if they are the right decision for you. People may avoid going back to school because they think they’re too old or that changing … [Read more...]

Innovative Ideas To Make Money As A Content Creator

Content creation is a new profession that is gradually gaining popularity. Decades ago, creating content was a hobby, but now many people are able to make it a professional career. But how can you make money as a content creator? The below article provides many ideas to help you make money while creating content and promoting your brand. Let’s check it out! Who is a Content Creator? Any … [Read more...]