One of the biggest concerns for a lot of people right now is moving from the renter’s life to that of a homeowner. Since many people don’t need or simply don’t want a large single-family home, many wonder about buying an apartment. Since the vast majority of people that live in apartments just rent them, countless people are unaware that you may also be able to buy an apartment. You can buy an … [Read more...]

How To Decorate Your Home Frugally

Most of us have watched a new home buyer show or two and seen how a family buys a house and then spends tens of thousands of dollars renovating it so the house is just their style. While that’s fun to watch, for many of us living on a tight budget, buying the house is enough of a financial strain. There is little money leftover for changing the house’s décor or even buying new furnishings.  If … [Read more...]

3 Reasons You May Want to Consider Buying a House in Graduate School

3 Reasons You May Want to Consider Buying a House in Graduate School Congratulations! You just got an email informing you that you are among the select few applicants starting graduate school. You’ll be heading back to familiar grounds as a mature (hopefully wiser) student. You get to upgrade your employability and still earn some money in on the side. But then, something throws cold water … [Read more...]

Why I’d Rather Pay $10,000 to Unload My House Than Become a Landlord

There are people out there who are made to be landlords. They like the idea of having someone else pay the mortgage on a home or apartment building and enjoying the ability to build equity on the property without using their own money. Once the property is paid off, the monthly rent is income (offset by the cost of taxes, insurance, and keeping the property up). I totally get why some people love … [Read more...]

Preparing Your House For Sale

The Following Article Is A Guest Post. If you’re interested in submitting a guest post please contact me. When the housing market is buoyant (remember those days?) it was possible to sell your house quickly and for big money with almost zero effort. Indeed, many estate agents reported having buyers lined up to purchase properties unseen in the early part of this century. But in the midst of … [Read more...]