Potential Income Sources – Becoming A Paid Expert Part 3

Profit From Your Expertise In this final post of our three part “Becoming A Paid Expert” series, I list the most common and practical ways to make money from your expertise – as I see it. In part one we focused on free learning resources to becoming a paid expert and part two we looked […] The post Potential Income Sources – Becoming A Paid Expert Part 3 appeared first on … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss These 20 Sites to Get Free Images For Your Content

Finding the right media (while complying with the legal rules) is one of the most difficult parts of the creation of an article. You have to choose the right subject, identify a picture free of copyrights (otherwise citing the source or the author), verify that the image has sufficient pixels size (I go for 600 px within my blog posts, and a little more for the featured one) or even resize the … [Read more...]

4 Tools to Quickly Increase Your Mailing List

Have you ever wondered how many active readers you have on your blog? Do your visitors just open and close your website without letting you know if they will return? If your stats show that you attract more new visitors rather than entice old ones to return, then you must recognize that you need to focus on working harder on your audience, instead of thinking about just getting more traffic. To … [Read more...]

Google is sorry for peeing on Apple

Google has apologized for having an image of their Android mascot peeing on Apple’s logo. The image was posted on Google Maps through map maker by a user and went viral within minutes. A spokesperson from Google said that the team is trying to curb such bad edits from being online. This is what Google had to say in response… “We’re sorry for this inappropriate user-created content; … [Read more...]