Fineco Review UK: Low Cost Investing, Trading and Banking

Are you looking for new ways to invest your savings or handle your cash? In 2018, a study found that a quarter of Brits don’t save money regularly. So, any new options that might tempt more people to be careful with their cash have got to be worth looking at. Limited Time Offer – Get 50 Free Trades for the first 2 months when signing up via a link in this post! Fineco* brings us some … [Read more...]

Switchd Review: Find the Best Energy Deals

Are you fed up paying too much on your energy bills? Switchd is a new type of energy comparison service that promises to let you take a smarter approach to saving money. At the start of 2020, the National Audit Office said that British households had paid £800 million more than they should have done on their energy bills. Therefore, it seems clear that most of us should be looking for ways to … [Read more...]

4Paws Pet Insurance Review

In this 4Paws pet insurance review, we look at what the company has to offer pet owners like us. We’ll see what types of cover 4Paws* offer, as well as what levels of cover they have available. Then we’ll take a look at some of the vet fee limits and explain how their different policies work. Finally, we’ll see how 4Paws existing customers and industry bodies rate them. Let’s begin with a little … [Read more...]

Nutmeg Review

In this Nutmeg review we take a close look at the UK digital wealth manager, to help you decide if they are the right robo-advisor for you. We look at who Nutmeg are, the products they offer, how they work and importantly how much they charge. At the end of the review we’ll also mention some other UK robo-advisors to see how Nutmeg measure up! Who are Nutmeg? Nutmeg are a UK investment firm … [Read more...]

Shawbrook Bank Savings Review

In this Shawbrook Bank savings account review, we take a closer look at this specialist UK savings provider to help you decide if they are the right choice for you. Getting a decent return on your savings has been a huge challenge for over a decade now. This is why many savers are heading away from traditional high street savings providers and looking at alternatives instead. Shawbrook Bank* is … [Read more...]

Moneyfarm Review

In this Moneyfarm review you’ll find answers to many important questions you may have about the company. We’ll look at Moneyfarm’s fees, products, minimum investment amount and also examine the past performance of their funds. Finally we’ll look at some UK alternatives to Moneyfarm, to see how they measure up. Who Are Moneyfarm? Moneyfarm are a digital wealth manager who … [Read more...]

Beyond WordPress: Choosing the Right CMS for Your Business

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS). As a matter of fact, some statistics suggest that it powers around half of the websites on the Internet. Moreover, its popularity is well-deserved. WordPress is a highly functional system that almost anyone can use to create just about any kind of site. However, you might feel that you want to move on from WordPress and create your … [Read more...]

FreshBooks Review 2018: Try Cloud Accounting Software Free for 60 Days

No matter what type of business you’ve built it’s vital you find accounting software that keeps tracks of your business income and expenses. And that’s where FreshBooks comes in! Over the years, FreshBooks has offered many different iterations of their software. The great thing though is that compared to other complicated accounting programs (like QuickBooks or Xero) FreshBooks offers a … [Read more...]

How To Choose the Right Business Web Hosting Provider

Compared to running a traditional brick-and-mortar business, the costs of launching and running an online business are considerably lower. You don’t have to pay “rent” in the traditional sense, you don’t have to worry about heat and water (aside from the basic utilities you’d be paying for anyway in your home), and there is practically no physical maintenance to speak … [Read more...]

TopCashBack Review

TopCashBack is described as the UK’s highest paying Cashback site, so it definitely seems worth taking a look at it to see what it is all about. The site states that it already has a whopping 4 million members and is growing all the time. So how does it work and in what way could it benefit you? Find out in this TopCashBack Review. The Basics The way that TopCashBack works is that they pass … [Read more...]

Standard Life New ISA Review

{}The more you research your investment options the more likely you are to find the perfect option for you. As you find out more about ISA accounts you may come across the Standard Life New ISA, including the Easy Option and DIY ISAs. As Standard Life are such a highly respected savings and investment company you will probably want to find out more about their different ISAs. So how do their ISAs … [Read more...]

Is Dr. David Eifrig’s Retirement Trader .COM a Scam or What?

If you’re reading this, then chances are you’ve heard on of the many radio ads for RetirementTrader.COM and are wondering if the Retirement Trader Bucket System is real or some kind of investing scam? It’s understandable. It certainly sounds like a scam. Retirement Trader is presented as the investment secret of a retired doctor, and he’s sharing his system with you, dear … [Read more...]